What is Caravan Stats

CARAVAN STATS is Australia’s industry research portal brought to you by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia. It provides access to interactive caravan, campervan and motorhome registration reports as well as general industry research. Use these reports to better understand national and local trends in the caravan industry.

How to use Caravan Stats

FILTER the criteria you wish to see in either the Postcode Data Report or Trade Registration Report. The reports will provide you with an overview of caravan vehicle registration activity, based on your specified criteria. Choose one of the two reports below to get started.


Data Upload Frequency

DATA is uploaded monthly for Accommodation Statistics, quarterly for Trade Registration Data and annually for Postcode Data.



CONTACT the Caravan Industry Association of Australia for further information on Caravan Stats.

Postcode Data Report

FIND OUT the number of caravan and campervan registrations by Postcode or State. Compare industry registration patterns Australia-wide, or within your selected region.

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Trade Registration Report


quarterly caravanning vehicle registrations by State. Identify vehicle type, new and renewed registrations nationwide or within your State or Territory.

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Accommodation Statistics

DISCOVER trends in occupancy, average price per night and revenue across States and Territories by the various short-term accommodation types.

Data is uploaded monthly.

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Park Benefit

DISCOVER the additional economic benefit your park brings to the local community. A PDF report can be generated to assist with understanding the economic contribution Parks make to the Australian economy.

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