Caravan Stats is an initiative of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, the peak national body for the Australian caravan and camping industry.

As Australia’s industry research and statistics portal, Caravan Stats draws on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), state and territory governments and other data and analytics providers to report current industry trends.

Caravan Stats features the following three reporting modules:

Postcode Data Report

This interactive module reports and graphs annual caravan and campervan registration data supplied by the ABS. Users have a high level of interactivity and can filter results by state, postcode and registration density.

The Postcode Data Report reveals detailed information, locating postcodes on a map of Australia to graphically report the number of registrations per postcode. Additional information, depending on filter criteria provided, includes detail of the top 10 postcodes and growth in the number of registrations by postcode over several years.

Trade Registration Report

Trade registration reports are based on monthly registration data supplied by Australian states and territories in Australia. These reports identify the number of new and renewed caravans, camper trailers and motorhomes registered in each state and territory.

Users have a high level of interactivity when generating these reports, and can separately identify registrations by state, vehicle type, new or renewed classification and by month.

While every effort is made to ensure consistent and harmonised data between states and territories, we are dependent on each jurisdiction to supply us with regular and up-to-date information.

Results selected will then generate a report, which depending on the filtered criteria; will produce reports showing the growth trend in caravanning vehicle registrations, registration density and registration movement by state, quarter on quarter.

Other Industry Reports

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia conducts regular research and campaigns on behalf of the industry.  Reports in PDF format are uploaded to this section, which provide a useful reference point for further information on trends and analysis relevant to the caravan industry.