Frequently Asked Questions

Where does data for the Postcode Data Report come from?

We source data for the Postcode Data Report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) annual Motor Vehicle Census which is published in the first quarter of every calendar year.

Where does data for the Trade Registration Report come from?

We source data for the Trade Registration Report from each state and territory in Australia, apart from the Australian Capital Territory. We release data as soon as it becomes available, which is not the same for all states and territories. Therefore, when data is not available on the portal, it is because we have not received that period’s data from the state or territory.

Please bear in mind that we have had to make several assumptions in order to harmonise data between states and territories. When reading the Trade Registration Report, please read the Report in the context of the assumptions at the bottom of the Report.

Why does data from the Postcode Data Report not exactly match data from the Trade Registration Report?

The ABS Motor Vehicle Census, which informs our Postcode Data Report, is a count of all vehicles registered on Australian roads at a point in time during the year.

In contrast, state and territory data supplied which informs our Trade Registration Report is the sum of all registration transactions occurring during that period. So for instance, if a caravan was registered for 6 months, twice in the one year, two registration transactions would be picked up in our Trade Registration Report, while only one would appear in the annual Postcode Data Report.